Woodhorn Museum

Northumberland, UK


For more than 80 years Woodhorn was a coal mine, until 1989 when it became a museum. Following a major redevelopment in 2006 Woodhorn Museum, Archive & Country Park re-opened with new interactive exhibits.

The museum houses the Northumberland archives which cover over 800 years of the county’s history and provide an amazing record of the past.

The interactive kiosks at Woodhorn Museum are aimed at helping young users unlock information from the museum archives, build their own banners, and decipher old documents.

Fun and quirky gameplay encourages child interactivity by building your own banner. Other programs provide in depth information for the adult user.

For Centre Screen Productions Ltd, 
I created three exhibits for the re-opening of Woodhorn Museum. Two directly aimed at children which involved bringing the information to life with gameplay, and a third aimed specifically at adults, teaching them how to effectively ‘unlock’ the Northumberland archives.
— Animation
— Audio
— Gameplay
— Kiosk
— Portrait Screen
— Quiz
— Touchscreen