Wimbledon Lawn
Tennis Museum

London, UK


At Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum you can explore the game’s evolution from a garden party pastime to a multimillion dollar professional sport played world-wide: with exciting interactives, and films. This state of the art museum has touch screen consoles for visitors to interact with to find out more about the players and the tournament itself.

These programs give a broad range of easily accessible information to the user based on various subjects. Some interface with external hardware to give a more physically interactive experience and a selection generate statistics based on user input. The majority include audio and video integration for a rich media experience.

Subjects of the interactives range from information about players over the years, the fashion, even facts and figures about where tennis balls are manufactured.

The museum has won London Attraction of the Year, and achieved a Special Commendation in the 2008 European Museum of the Year Award.

For Centre Screen Productions Ltd, I was sole programmer of all fifteen completely bespoke kiosk interactives situated in the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum.
— Audio
— Database
— External hardware interfacing
— Gameplay
— Kiosk
— Multi screen
— Video