Art Gallery

Scarborough, UK


The gallery houses Scarborough’s permanent fine art collection which reflects the eclectic mix of the community and the cultural heritage of the area. The gallery also has a lively, regularly changing, exhibition space.

The exhibition “Fears, Foes and Faeries” looks at the history behind superstition, charms and bygone British folklore.

It is the culmination of a three year project that is part of the Precious Cargos, Stories of the World – one of the key projects of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. It has involved Scarborough Museums Trust working with young people from its youth engagement group Cultiv8; Scarborough Maritime Association and students from Hull University.

At the heart of the exhibition is the intriguing collection of charms and amulets collected by one of Scarborough’s curators William James Clarke.

Working in collaboration with Hive Manchester, my role was to program and animate three unique touchscreen exhibits, each exploring a different theme relating to the charm collections. Each exhibit gave the visitor important information about the charms through engaging gameplay and informative puzzles.
— Animation
— Gameplay
— Kiosk
— Touchscreen