Football Museum

Manchester, UK


The new world class National Football Museum opened July 2012 after an £8m revamp, and is situated in the former Urbis building – Manchester. The museum houses over 2,500 exhibits, from artwork to hundreds of shirts worn by famous players and various interactive exhibits. The museum claims to hold “the world’s finest collection of football artefacts and archives” and has “a responsibility to protect football’s heritage and culture for future generations as well as current audiences”.

For Centre Screen Productions Ltd, I created three interactive exhibits for the museum. The first, a look at the rules of the game. The kiosk compares current and outdated laws and educates with fun animations.

The second allows the visitor to learn about the evolving team formations of different teams over the years, plus the chance to see them in action.

The last multitouch kiosk allows the user to become a referee, being able to view an offence and decide on the best course of action.
— Animation
— Audio
— Kiosk
— Subtitled
— Touchscreen
— Video