Giant's Causeway
Visitors Centre

North Antrim Coast, NI


In 2012 The National Trust undertook a major project at the Giant’s Causeway at a cost of £18.5 million. The conservation and protection of this unique area has been a priority, along with a new world class visitors centre. The unique geology of the Giant’s Causeway makes it a UNESCO World Heritage site, and Northern Ireland’s most popular tourist attraction.

The spectacular 38,000 hexagonal basalt columns were formed by the cooling and shrinking of molten lava from a volcanic eruption over 60 million years ago.

The newly opened visitors centre explores the science, myth and stories that surround the Giant’s Causeway. This also includes the legend of the Finn MacCool, the giant, who some still believe created the Causeway as a challenge to his Scottish rival, Benandonner.

For Centre Screen Productions Ltd, I created two different interactive exhibits for the new visitors centre. The first, a large scale touch screen, helps visitors visualise Irelands varying position on Earth over thousands of years.

The second is an introduction to modern geology. The user is introduced to the modern methods scientists are using today to research the site.
— Animation
— Kiosk
— Touchscreen
— Video