Museum & Art Gallery

Birmingham, UK


As part of a recent £8.9m refurbishment supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery recently opened the doors of its iconic new gallery which concentrates on celebrating the city.

‘Birmingham, its people, its history’ explores 500 years of life and times in the area and allows the visitor to explore the city’s global heritage along with the people who helped shape its history.

For Centre Screen Productions Ltd, I created an exhibit that enables the user to learn more about artefacts found in and around the Birmingham area. The visitor delves through a detective-style case folder to read evidence about the selected item, allowing them to correctly answer simple questions relating to the archaeological finds. The quiz invites the user to learn more about the history of the item in question as well as information about the city's industries.
— Animation
— Gameplay
— Kiosk
— Quiz
— Touchscreen